There are two common reasons people avoid lawyers. First, they think lawyers are always out to tell them what they can’t do. Second, they think lawyers are too expensive. The truth is that while we always advise clients to use caution and exercise proper due diligence before finalizing any transaction, we do it to help ensure the transaction goes smoothly and so the client isn’t surprised by unexpected consequences down the road. The initial investment of hiring a lawyer is often far less expensive than the possible later financial loss and expensive litigation fees.

I help clients smoothly execute the following transactions:

Estate Planning

Proper estate planning can help a family quickly recover from the death of a caregiver or quickly distribute the estate of an elderly family member. When a family member has poorly planned an estate or died intestate, the consequences often include a lengthy probate process, personal conflicts, and children or spouses suffering temporary financial hardship. We help clients develop a plan that is appropriate for their assets and family situation. This may include a family living trust, wills, and health care and financial directives. Contact me for a free consultation to determine if this type of planning is right for you.


Many consumers try to avoid bankruptcy. While bankruptcy is a life-changing event that should not be taken lightly, it also provides a chance for a fresh start and waiting too long to file can hurt your finances even more. As soon as you suspect your finances may not change for the better you should consider seeking legal advice and can call my office for a free consultation. Common reasons to call include:

  • Receiving legal documents
  • Debt collection agencies calling or sending letters
  • Tax arrears
  • Car repossession seems imminent

Bankruptcy is a complicated process and errors may greatly affect your rights. In addition, there are often other alternatives to bankruptcy that may be better suited to your circumstances. Contact me to learn more about how you may be able to improve your financial situation.

Asset Protection

Your house, car, and retirement savings are all assets that could potentially be lost in a lawsuit. Even if you don’t intend to harm anyone else, a car accident, business losses, or medical condition may leave you liable for an amount of money that exceeds your assets. Irrevocable trusts and other asset protection methods may be able to protect your assets, but must carefully comply with the law to ensure that you aren’t accused of fraudulently hiding assets. Contact my office for a free consultation about legal ways to protect your assets.


When you own a small business, your personal assets may be at risk if your business isn’t properly formed and your suffer business losses. Establishing a corporation is one of the most common ways to separate your business life from your personal life and protect your personal savings from business failings. If you’re looking to establish a corporation or want to make sure your corporation is operating in compliance with the law, contact me for a free consultation.

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