California Estate Planning: Preparing for the Unexpected and Expected

Recent Losses: Muppets Voice and Devo Musician

The entertainment industry recently lost two well-known members. As reported by CNN, John Henson – the son of famed puppeteer and creator of the Muppets, Jim Henson – died suddenly of a massive heart attack at the age of 48. John Henson, along with his siblings, carried on their late father’s legacy through the Jim Henson Company, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. John Henson was a board member of the company and also served as a shareholder. His voice could be heard as the Muppet character Sweetums.

The Los Angeles Times also recently ran a story about the passing of Bob Casale, who was the lead guitarist for the “new wave” band Devo that formed in the 1970s. Bob Casale had incurred medical issues, which sadly and unexpectedly transpired to heart failure. He was 61.

Planning Ahead Makes Living Easier

As most people already know, preparation and planning are keys to achieve goals. At an early age, we are encouraged to prepare and plan for the day – in other words, to follow a daily routine. Children’s pre-school television shows like Sesame Street – whose famous characters, such as Elmo and Big Bird, were created by the Jim Henson Company – often reinforce this notion. In our adult lives, many of us plan out the week by making grocery lists, calendaring work, and even preparing for social and school events. The aim of this preparation and planning is, to some degree, to make sure everything gets done – but it also allows for leisure or other activities to be included in our lives. By completing and preparing for some of the routine – and sometimes mundane – rituals that many of us have, we are able to open time on our busy calendars and enjoy a dinner party with family and friends, read a few chapters of a recent bestseller, or listen to our favorite music.

While it is impossible to plan out every detail in life, it is helpful to create some stability and plan out the “known.” This allows more freedom and flexibility to introduce spontaneity, or to deal with any unexpected hurdles in life.

Death is inevitable, and often death occurs unexpectedly, such as the untimely passing of both John Henson and Bob Casale. And while most people plan out their day or week, few memorialize their parting wishes. While this is not the cheeriest of topics, it is an imperative step to let your family and other loved ones know what your wishes are once you are no longer around. A solid estate plan also provides security and stability for those you leave behind.

California Estate Planning

Planning ahead is a crucial aspect in so many facets of our life. Making proper plans before it is too late is just as important when it comes to the creation of an estate plan. The Law Office of Mark Abell can assist and guide you to create an estate plan that works for you and your family. If you reside in Southern California and need estate planning assistance, contact our office today for a free consultation. Call us at 310-953-8191 or