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As the world grows more complex, you need aggressive representation on your side. Proper planning is vital toward your and your family’s future. To prepare, you need someone who will look at your unique circumstances; someone who won’t follow a general cookie cutter approach.

We are attorneys that follow that custom-tailored approach in all our work. Our office is in Redlands, California, and we serve Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties as well as surrounding areas. In keeping with our belief each client is unique, we welcome all regardless of background or family status.

Practice Areas

Transactional Work

Transactional work involves planning, preparing, and documenting. We make your every day transactions run smoothly and to protect your rights. Transactional services include estate planning, bankruptcy, asset protection, contracts, and business transactions. While these areas aren’t normally “adversarial,” it’s still a good idea to involve us in the process so that your documents do what you intend and nothing is overlooked.


Disagreements occur throughout life. And sometimes you can’t avoid them even if you plan for every contingency. We handle real estate, business, and general litigation matters. We will always keep an open mind throughout the litigation process and look for creative solutions to seek the best outcome for you. We will never prolong a case to increase my fees or seek a quick resolution to move on to the next client.

If you are in a legal dispute, need important documents prepared or reviewed, or just have a general question about the law, call our office today at (310) 953-8191.

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